Positivity  Door 

So I decided to decorate my closet door with some pictures and a small chalkboard. I call it my positivity door because it makes me feel happy to look at all the pictures and my quote. Here’s what you’ll need:

Pictures or quotes

Chalkboard stickers 

Washi tape

Scotch tape

  1. Decorate some of your pictures and quotes with washi tape (optional of course)
  2. Place your pictures in any pattern you would like on your door with the scotch tape.
  3. Place your chalkboard stickers on the door and write anything you want on them.
  4. All done!

With this project, you can as creative as you want. The possibilities are endless! Have fun! Bye!


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Hi! I'm Liv. I have loved fashion since I can remember. I like spending my time drawing, cooking, skateboarding, listening to music, and putting cool outfits together. Thank you for looking at my blog! Please recommend it to all! :)

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