Kawaii/Pacman nails

Hey guys, so I decided to do my sister’s nails and went with a kawaii theme. My parents said that they look kind of like Pacman fruit, so that’s cool too. Here’s how I did it:

  1. Paint a base color. I went with pink for a summery feel.
  2. Use the same technique as in my “Watermelon nail” post to paint the watermelon.
  3. Use a bobby pin and make red circles for the cherries, and use a toothpick to paint the stems with green.
  4. Use a small paint brush to create a strawberry shape with red or pink paint.
  5. Use a toothpick to draw the strawberry stem with green paint.
  6. Use a bobby pin to create a red circle shape for the apple and use a toothpick to make the green stem and leaf.
  7. I made a cookie on the last nail which you can’t see because I messed it up, but you can use a bobby pin with brown paint to make a cookie.

TaDa! Now you have made super cute nails that are summery and happy. Love you guys! Bye!


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Hi! I'm Liv. I have loved fashion since I can remember. I like spending my time drawing, cooking, skateboarding, listening to music, and putting cool outfits together. Thank you for looking at my blog! Please recommend it to all! :)

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